Jonathan Sharp

Jonathan Sharp

Jonathan Sharp is Chief Financial Officer at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. The law firm, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, specializes in toxic exposure, providing assistance to communities affected by environmental racism. Among Sharp's responsibilities are case evaluation, financial analysis, and management of firm assets.

The new sign at the Main Gate at Arnold Air Force Base, Tenn., is installed Oct. 22, 2020. Located alongside Wattendorf Highway before entering the base, the new sign was necessary after an accident occurred in February 2020, in which a car ran off the roadway and collided with the previous sign. The project was completed by the Simplified Acquisition Base Engineering Requirements (SABER) contractor, SDVE, LLC. (U.S. Air Force photo by Deidre Moon)

Environmental racism in Tennessee, fueled by the presence of military bases

By: - January 17, 2023

As a nationwide phenomenon, environmental racism occurs when low-income people of color are disproportionately exposed to pollution due to the neighborhoods they are forced to live in. There are many factors that have been contributing to environmental injustice over the decades, such as the inaccessibility of affordable land, racial segregation, and lack of political power […]