Loy Waldrop

Loy Waldrop

Loy Waldrop practiced law for almost 50 years. He obtained a mechanical engineering degree from Clemson University as a Distinguished Military Graduate. Subsequently he served over two years active duty with the U.S. Army Security Agency, during which time he was promoted to captain. After working as an engineer when his active service ended, he attended the University of Tennessee College of Law where he was an honors graduate. Soon after graduation, he became the sixth lawyer in a firm that subsequently has grown to over a hundred lawyers in the firm’s Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis offices. His law practice concentrated on the construction industry, and he now focuses on serving as a mediator and arbitrator for the resolution of construction project disputes. He is retired from representing clients. Waldrop participated in the 2018 Bredesen Senate campaign and has served the Knox County Democratic Party as a precinct chair and in get-out-the-vote activities. He and his wife, Kathy, reside in Knoxville and have three daughters and five grandsons.

Democratic blue brain and Republican red brain.

Commentary: The road we travel, from the way it is to the way it was

By: - May 5, 2022

It’s election time in Tennessee.   Like dandelions, campaign posters have sprung up across the state.  Many of these signs advertise “Conservative” prominently.  Some even state “Conservative Republican” as if there were currently any other Republican species.   “Conservative” is obviously seen as a virtue.    The basis of these campaign appeals is less obvious. […]

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Commentary: GOP “socialists” propaganda campaign lacks credibility

By: - March 9, 2022

The Republican Party is engaged in a persistent propaganda campaign asserting that Democrats intend to impose “Socialism” on America.  Perennial Republican gnat Newt Gingrich declared in September 2021 that Republicans had an opportunity to “rebrand” Democrats as “Big Government Socialists.” In May 2021, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel accused Democrats of engaging in “Big […]