A new Tennessee license plate, without the phrase "In God We Trust." (tn.gov)

“In God We Trust” license plates draw attention

BY: - September 24, 2022

Tennessee drivers can choose whether or not to include “In God We Trust” on their license plates when renewing this year, an option that is attracting controversy.  In Nov. 2021, Gov. Bill Lee invited Tennesseans to vote on a new design.  The resulting new, all-blue design for license plates replaced the old plates, which depicted […]

Vanderbilt University Medical Center. (Photo: John Partipilo)

Democratic leaders push back on calls for Vanderbilt transgender clinic investigation

BY: and - September 23, 2022

A day after Gov. Bill Lee and state Republican leaders called for an investigation into transgender care at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Democratic leaders pushed back, saying that “hate” was being used “for political purposes.” “Parents should be able to make decisions in regard to their children’s health. That is something Republicans claim to fight […]

John Cole’s Tennessee

BY: - September 21, 2022

‘A bold step for me’: local officials take stands against Tennessee’s strict abortion ban

BY: - September 12, 2022

Knoxville City Councilwoman Lynne Fugate had never before supported a resolution directed to the state legislature, much less one about abortion. It’s up to citizens, not city leaders, to advocate before those elected representatives, she said.  But last week the longtime Republican took what she characterized as a “bold step for me.” Fugate backed a […]

The Tennessee Valley Authority's Cumberland Fossil Plant. (Photo: Courtesy of TVA)

Environmental groups urge Memphis utility to slow down decisions on energy future

BY: - September 12, 2022

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy late last week urged the utility provider Memphis, Light, Gas and Water to allow the public more than 30 days to review the recently released list of energy companies that could potentially replace the Tennessee Valley Authority as Memphis’s main energy provider.  The nonprofit group is among a growing […]

A police car blocks entrance to the Hernando DeSoto Bridge over the Mississippi River in Memphis after a substantial crack was found in it May 11. (Photo: Karen Pulfer Focht)

Speakers react to Memphis murders with prison panel

BY: - September 9, 2022

Responding to five killings in Memphis this week, Tennessee’s House and Senate speakers appointed a legislative panel to study the release of prison inmates, work that could lead to construction of more prison space. Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, who is also Senate speaker, and House Speaker Cameron Sexton this week created the Joint Ad Hoc […]

A police car blocks entrance to the Hernando DeSoto Bridge over the Mississippi River in Memphis after a substantial crack was found in it May 11. (Photo: Karen Pulfer Focht)

Federal appeals court reinstates civil rights lawsuit over anal cavity search by Memphis PD

BY: - September 9, 2022

A federal appellate court is giving a man who was subjected to an anal cavity search by a Memphis police officer without cause and against department regulations a chance to prove the agency slow-walked an investigation into the incident to avoid a lawsuit. A divided panel of the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals this […]

A hopper car on a train filled with coal to be delivered to a TVA coal-fired plant.(Photo: John Partipilo)

‘You haven’t been a good community partner’: Memphis residents skeptical of TVA promises

BY: - September 8, 2022

The Tennessee Valley Authority promised Wednesday to treat Memphians better if it were kept as an energy provider for the next two decades, but community activists that have long battled for increased transparency and accountability say they doubt TVA will change its ways.  As Memphis, Light, Gas and Water continues discussions on whether to leave […]

Casting votes, Nov. 3, 2020. (Photo: Ray Di Pietro)

Registry of Election Finance to audit Humble for potential illegal coordination with PAC-like group

BY: - September 7, 2022

The Tennessee Registry of Election Finance is set to audit former Senate District 27 candidate Gary Humble to determine whether his campaign illegally coordinated with his nonprofit organization Tennessee Stands. Registry board member Tom Lawless, a Nashville attorney, called for the investigation Wednesday based on his general knowledge of the situation. “There’s some smoke there, […]

Dr. Amy Gordon Bono, a primary care physician, speaking outside the Tennessee Capitol on Wednesday about the state's "trigger law" that bans abortions. The law took effect at midnight. (Photo: John Partipilo)

‘Chilling effect’: Doctors face new legal quandaries under Tennessee’s abortion ban

BY: - September 7, 2022

Knoxville obstetrics and gynecology doctor Nikki Zite has treated two ectopic pregnancies since Roe v. Wade was overturned June 24. Now that the Tennessee abortion ban is in effect, the pregnancy complication, which presents life-threatening risks to mothers, prompts new worries for her. “I hope that I am brave enough to move past that worry […]

East Tennessee State University, (ETSU Facebook)

East Tennessee State refuses to discriminate regardless of court order on Biden guidance

BY: - September 6, 2022

East Tennessee State University tweaked an online description of federal protections for LGBTQ students, in response to a request from state Rep. John Ragan, but the university reasserted its non-discrimination policy stands for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. In response to a letter Joint Government Operations Committee Chairman John Ragan sent […]

(Photo by Al Drago/Getty Images)

Tennessee Judges Philip Smith, John Everett Williams die over Labor Day weekend

BY: - September 6, 2022

Tennessee courts lost two longtime judges over the Labor Day weekend with the unexpected deaths of Fourth Circuit Court Judge Philip Smith and Judge John Everett Williams, the presiding judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals Smith served since 2009 as one of two Nashville judges who preside over divorce and domestic violence cases. He […]